About Us

Pre-Eminent Wealth Management Firm

Our team is made up of industry leading investment professionals deep in talent, ideas and experience

About Us

Wilmer Gibson is one of Singapore’s pre-eminent wealth management firms. Serving high net worth private customers and institutional investors, we are committed to providing our clients with a world-class experience in the management of their wealth by delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns together with the highest level of customized client service.

Our team is made up of industry leading investment professionals deep in talent, ideas and experience — all dedicated to providing our clients with a world-class experience in the management of their wealth.

For Wilmer Gibson, delivering outstanding client service is as fundamental as delivering strong investment results. Our customers are unique therefore they have unique needs. This is why we offer customized investment plans to suit each client’s specific objectives and risk profile.

Our interests are deeply aligned with those of our clients. Wilmer Gibson’s management and employees are collectively among the largest clients of the Firm; we are also the largest owners of our company's stock. Our clients are our partners, through performance-based fees that are earned only when pre-specified performance benchmarks for clients' investments are exceeded.

Our mission is to offer our customers a world-class experience in the management of their wealth.

Wilmer Gibson is an independent wealth management firm that manages investment portfolios for high net worth private clients as well as select institutional investors, including family offices, foundations, endowments and both public and private pension plans.

Wilmer Gibson is always committed to meeting the needs of its customers – protecting their capital, managing risk, and delivering strong long-term investment returns over differing economic and market cycles.

At Wilmer Gibson we have made thinking and investing unconventionally on behalf of our clients and ourselves a tradition.

Our team is built of leaders and creative thinkers. From our focus on prudent wealth governance to extraordinary client service and tailored investment portfolios, we look after our customers in a way that is different from the rest of the crowd: separating asset allocation from security selection; building portfolios based on our unique combination of rigorous company-specific analysis and top-down macroeconomic research; and introducing new strategies and asset classes before they are in vogue. We are aligned: we invest alongside our clients, and are, in fact, collectively among the largest investors in our own portfolios; we are collectively the largest shareholders of our firm; and we develop successful relationships with our clients, through performance-based fees.

This is what makes us unique. This is what sets us apart.

At Wilmer Gibson, we seek to manage risk for our clients at two levels: at the asset mix level and at the portfolio model level.

The investment professionals from our Client Wealth Management team advise our customers on which combination of our portfolio models would be appropriate for their investment goals, and what would be the right proportions. The team is seasoned and experienced, with a proven talent for assessing risk and structuring a client’s assets in a manner consistent with their investment objectives. We do not hire salespeople; rather, we have built a team of investment professionals who are driven to deliver the highest level of client service and who genuinely enjoy the relationships we establish with our customers.

Once the asset mix decisions have been made, investment professionals from our Investment Management team are responsible for the selection of the specific securities and relative weightings of the securities that comprise each of our portfolio models. We believe our strong investment returns are the result of the efforts of our experienced, cohesive and highly motivated Investment Management team, our focus on delivering strong absolute, rather than relative, investment returns, and our well-established risk management process.

This unconventional division of responsibilities between the Client Wealth Management team and the Investment Management team permits each group to focus on managing risk in a separate but complementary fashion, and to contribute most effectively to the prudent investment of each client’s investable assets.

At Wilmer Gibson, we view our clients as our partners.

Our success in developing long-term customer relationships is founded on shared values, a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals and a keen desire to earn their trust and confidence. Our customers are enterprising businesspeople who demand strong investment performance and exceptional service.

We offer wealth management services to ultra-high net worth investors, including entrepreneurs, market professionals, family trusts and private charitable foundations. We also serve a select number of institutions as clients.


In addition to high net worth individuals, we offer as well asset management services to family offices, foundations, endowments and both public and private pensions around the world.

We are transparent and provide full access to our Investment Management team, including our Chief Economist & Strategist. With a performance-based fee structure, our interests and our clients' interests are aligned.