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Wealth Management

Managing your wealth deserves undivided attention from a firm that puts your financial interests on the first place.

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Wealth Management

Managing your wealth deserves undivided attention from a firm that puts your financial interests on the first place, I the same time keeping its focus firmly on the pulse of the complex and evolving investment environment.

Working with a Wilmer Gibson advisor ensures that best-in-class financial products and service providers compete for your business every day. This approach empowers Wilmer Gibson advisors with a unique and unobstructed vantage point to shape and build the right wealth management strategy for you.

Wealth management services include:

A vibrant, collective culture built by advisors, for advisors.

Wilmer Gibson advisors share an entrepreneurial spirit, common ideals of integrity and transparency, a proven track record of growth, and an unwavering commitment to the best interests of their clients. Only the highest-caliber professionals who share Wilmer Gibson’s cultural beliefs are invited to join our exclusive advisor community.

A bold vision for the future of financial services

Wilmer Gibson is at the forefront of the wealth management industry’s paradigm shift toward independence. The foundation of Wilmer Gibson’s business model is the fiduciary standard: a commitment to providing unobstructed advice that aligns with the client’s best interests. Our investment process is fully supported by independent research, due diligence and investment decision-making. Wilmer Gibson’s investment activities are independent of the interest and involvement of our capital partners, which eliminates many of the conflicts of interest found at traditional brokerage firms.

The intellectual capital in Wilmer Gibson’s elite advisor community is one of our greatest assets and most powerful differentiators. Our advisors gather regularly to leverage this collective wisdom by exchanging ideas and best practices, strengthening a vibrant and collaborative culture unlike any other in our industry.

  • Broker dealer services
  • Compliance services
  • Smart investment solutions
  • Business continuity planning services
  • Capital markets services
  • Alternate investments services
  • Business consultation & growth services
  • Research investment research access

Our primary goal is to assist you to pave a path to financial security and success. At Wilmer Gibson, we harness the power of our markets to give you access to a wide-range of investment opportunities and options.

Your Wilmer Gibson advisor will work with you to craft a highly personalized financial plan with well-defined, long-term goals. From asset allocation to implementation and execution, your Wilmer Gibson advisor provides the necessary expert analysis to craft a custom financial plan.

Once your financial plan is in place, your Wilmer Gibson advisor will monitor and manage it, making sure you stay firmly on track.

Financial planning services include:

  • Tax Strategies
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Family Relationships
  • Succession Planning
  • Trust and Estate Planning Strategies
  • Retirement Planning

Many Wilmer Gibson advisors have extensive experience crafting investment solutions for non-profit institutions such as endowments and family foundations. Wilmer Gibson advisors consult with trustees regarding portfolio design, manager due diligence and performance monitoring.

Every one of our institutional customers receives completely tailored advice based on their own distinct situations and structures. From helping trustees understand and perform as fiduciaries to assisting in the creation of oversight documents regarding investment and spending policies, Wilmer Gibson advisors are true partners.

Institutional consulting services include:

  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Spending Policy Statements
  • Portfolio Design
  • Manager Research
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Monitoring