Press Release

09 January 2019

Wilmer Gibson’s Stock Plan Services Migrates Corporate Clients to Newly Redesigned Recordkeeping Portal


According to firm “the end product has proven to be a tremendous success, receiving recognition from our corporate clients and industry peers alike”

Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, today announced that its Stock Plan Services group recently completed the successful migration of its complete portfolio of corporate clients to its newly redesigned equity recordkeeping portal.  Wilmer Gibson encourages all its clients to manage their equity using this streamlined, intuitive and mobile responsive website.

“As participants reevaluate the way they consume information and engage digitally, their expectations of service providers are shifting,” said Greg Lin, Chief Information Officer for Wilmer Gibson Wealth Management and Investment Management.  “We incorporated feedback from our corporate clients and their participants via various engagement channels to ensure that the new features and functionality designed for our Stock Plan Services would meet their needs.”

Stock Plan Services has also released its first iteration of a participant Expertise Desk, with a mobile-optimized version following shortly thereafter. The Expertise Desk features a variety of educational content, ranging from user guides and videos in multiple languages to info graphics and thought leadership articles.

“Our goal with the Expertise Desk is two-fold, provide information to stock plan participants as well as helping participants understand the ever-growing importance of equity compensation to their wealth planning goals,” said Haiden Luo, Head of Corporate Equity Technology.

“We look to leverage current industry best practices to ensure we make enhancements and respond quickly to client requests, all while delivering a smooth user experience,” said Mr. Lin.  “Since the release we have implemented many enhancements to the Stock Plan Services experience, and will continue to do so in the coming months.”