Press Release

17 July 2019

Wilmer Gibson Announces A Range of Asset Portfolios to Meet Market Demand


The firm has launched new tools to offer its advisors more solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers


Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, is pleased to announce that it will start to offer five equity model-based separately guided accounts and is expected to have four multi-asset class portfolios accessible to the market in the near future.

Wilmer Gibson is always committed to support its advisors; therefore, the firm is always in search of new strategies and tools which will help offer our customers better results and meet their financial goals. This type of approach will also build on the multi-year reputation as a customer’s first oriented firm.

Carver Yang, CEO at Wilmer Gibson commented: “The need for strategies in the model delivery structure is increasing at fast pace as trading advisors seek fee-efficient and tailored products and tools to meet their clients’ individual preferences. We believe that it is very important to offer our investment strategies through a group of investment vehicles that will provide higher flexibility for advisors as they develop suitable portfolio solutions that will help generate their customers’ intended investment results.”

Wilmer Gibson’s decision to offer separately guided accounts is a result of rising preferences among investors for strategies in the equity marketplace that are more cost and tax efficient and offer possibilities for customization, allowing investors to collaborate with their advisors to detect certain investments that do not meet with their personal values and financial goals.

“A very important fact is that investors are looking for long-term, solid, risk-adjusted performance that can generate positive net of fees returns. We are very excited to bring on the market a number of our competitively and well performing equity strategies which will address our customers’ needs and financial goals,” added Yang.

Wilmer Gibson to Offer Multi-Asset Class Portfolios

In addition to offering separately guided accounts, Wilmer Gibson will also enter the multi-asset class portfolio space later this year with four offerings. The new upcoming portfolios will use a systematic investing approach and will contain Wilmer Gibson’s active mutual funds and third-party exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Each portfolio will have a different risk profile as a result of the separation of fixed income and equities, with increasing levels of equities in increments of 18%. Active investments will represent almost half of each portfolio.

“The latest delivered solutions by our firm comes as a response to the exciting convergence of our customers’ preferences, modern distribution, and technological advancement. We will continue to be active in improving the delivery process of our active management insights,” added Yang.