Press Release

09 August 2020

Wilmer Gibson Opens New Office in Tokyo, Japan


The new office will support the growth of many of Wilmer Gibson's businesses, including technology, marketing, global wealth management and institutional client management


Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, has announced the opening of a new office in Tokyo, Japan. David Wu, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Wealth Management Sales, will lead the new office. Wilmer Gibson’ decision to open a new location will strengthen its positions outside Singapore and will bring it closer to its Asia Pacific region customers.

"The new office will have a very important key role in sustaining growth at Wilmer Gibson. Our team is very excited to be part of this dynamic and innovative developments, as we are setting foot in the great city of Tokyo" said Carver Yang, Wilmer Gibson's Chief Executive Officer.

The number of employees in the new location will initially be around 42, with the majority of new staff being hired. The technology area will be a focal point, but the office will also take care of the Global Wealth Management, Institutional Client Management, Marketing and other business areas, which should benefit from the knowledge of local experts.

"The Tokyo office delivers the opportunity to expand our customer relationships, hire new experts in the field with additional skills and knowledge, and expand our technology expertise and innovation across the Asia-Pacific region," said Mr. Yang.

"The fact that Wilmer Gibson, one of the leading financial services firm, has chosen Tokyo as a key element in its job creation and expansion strategy is a great insight into our firm’s intention," said Rick Toh, Wilmer Gibson Director. "This decision highlights the excellent work that we have done over the past years and that our firm is always in search of new possibilities to develop and bring its services in the region."

Carver Yang added: "This office is one of the many movements Wilmer Gibson is making to take advantage of the opportunities in the global investment management industry, including expansion in the Asia Pacific region and the development of additional resources in many areas such as technology, marketing, global wealth management and institutional client management."