Press Release

16 October 2020

Wilmer Gibson Will Form Two New Funds to Enhance Its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment Strategies

The firm’s new funds will be the largest ESG Funds With $43 million in Assets


Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, today announced plans to deliver new funds with dedicated ESG strategies to its customers very soon, pending regulatory staff review. The two new funds, will be named Wilmer Gibson Sustainable Prime Fund and Wilmer Gibson Sustainable Core Fund, and will bring two specific investment frames to detect opportunities driven by corporate sustainability practices and solutions.

Following the recent creation of Wilmer Gibson’s Research Team for Sustainable Investing, which is headed by Mei Quin, the firm has been researching various sustainability-focused solutions — for both the retail and institutional markets — and has been increasingly introducing its related analysis across its broader investment platforms.

“Active management is offering the ability to discover compelling, differentiated investment opportunities that are most of the time undiscovered and away from underlying benchmarks — ultimately aiming to add meaningful alpha returns to customer’s portfolios,” said Carver Yang, CEO at Wilmer Gibson.

“The firm’ ESG product developments are part of a wider continuing effort by Wilmer Gibson to use its emerging product lineup to help customers capitalize on a broad range of market dynamics through an efficient combination of non-traditional and innovative traditional investment strategies.”

The two new Wilmer Gibson ESG funds will be formed through the repositioning of two existing products offered by the firm. Wilmer Gibson Multi-Cap Growth Fund will become Wilmer Gibson Sustainable Prime Fund, a multi-cap fund — with $20 million in assets — focused on finding companies with demonstrated commitment to sustainable business practices. The fund will be managed by Michelle Dong, Wilmer Gibson Head of Sustainable Investing.

Additionally, Wilmer Gibson Multi-Cap Value Fund will become Wilmer Gibson Sustainable Core Fund, a mid-cap fund — with $23 million in assets — focused on identifying companies with products and services that deliver solutions directly contributing to sustainable social, environmental, and economic development. The fund will continue to be managed by Michelle Dong, who will be joined by Mei Quin, the Head of the Research Team for Sustainable Investing.

“We did observe a growing realization factor in the market that companies engaged in sustainability often show improving fundamental and financial performance. The firm’s latest offerings are a strong recognition by us that investors, who are more and more intrigued by ESG investing, stand to benefit from strategies in this area in the years ahead,” added Carver Yang.