Press Release

5 January 2017

Microentrepreneurs Receive Business Training as Part of Wilmer Gibson’s Give Back Initiative


Fifteen small business owners and students to be supported in broadening their knowledge of different subjects and in advancing their business models and ideas

Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, held business training sessions for 15 microentrepreneurs with the goal of showcasing the importance of microfinance and entrepreneurship for the country’s development.

The subjects covered included seed capital (how to obtain business financing); innovative business models/E-commerce; innovation, differentiation and competitiveness.

Rick Toh, Director of Wilmer Gibson, commented: “Our mission at Wilmer Gibson is to promote progress in our communities. In addition to being very successful, the training helped stimulate and promote entrepreneurship in Singapore, allowing young people to move forward with and validate their business ideas."

The Wilmer Gibson Give Back initiative is an initiative that showcases the important role of microenterprise in contributing to economic growth. Wilmer Gibson attempts to recognize the most successful microenterprises and allow them to serve as models for others to emulate. Further support is offered by investment partners, such as Wilmer Gibson, in order to develop sustainable business plans which are more likely to secure investment funds.

To enhance the beneficial economic effects of its initiative, the Wilmer Gibson partnered with local foundations, government and educational institutions to reach thousands of young people and students, as well as representatives of microfinance institutions. “This partnership has allowed us to expand the reach of the initiative and stimulate entrepreneurship at educational institutions and universities. We believed it was important to hold a training session to give value added to all participants in order to stimulate a debate around key issues of micro entrepreneurship,” Beth Long, Director of a partnering organization, explained.