Press Release

04 December 2020

Wilmer Gibson’s Chairman to Retire, Thomas Ang to Continue Growth

The firm follows its long term agreed succession plan as Thomas Ang takes over as Chairman


Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, today announced that Daniel Goh, Chairman of Wilmer Gibson, took the decision to retire at the end of the fiscal year. Thomas Ang will take over as Chairman, this being part of the firm’s agreed succession plan.

"It has been an impressive and productive period of time since I took over Wilmer Gibson, I am extremely proud of what the company managed to accomplish. I do feel that now it is the right time for the team, with Thomas at the helm, to take over the management and to continue to build on our common dream of providing investment strategies and solutions to our Asian customers and our regional expertise to many international institutions." Daniel Goh commented.

Peter Lee, External Independent Director, commented on behalf of the Wilmer Gibson Board: “We are extremely appreciative of Daniel’s leadership over the years and have worked closely with him to ensure that the company has a smooth succession plan timed at the beginning of the fiscal year that will position Wilmer Gibson well for the future.” During Goh's tenure, the firm became the largest regional asset management company, with its AUM (Asset Under Management) growing significantly even during a difficult global environment. Wilmer Gibson was transformed from a local asset management company to become an independent brokerage firm and to have customers in several Asian countries and regions and international customers. Taking over from Goh, Ang joined the firm many years ago and has been managing the firm’s rapidly expanding Asian operations and the domestic institutional portfolio.

Ang commented: “It is a great honor to continue my career as a chairman of Wilmer Gibson and as part of its hugely talented executive team and employees. It is a unique firm that has achieved great things in the past. Ahead of us there is an exceptional opportunity to execute our multi-local strategy in Asia Pacific, a region of unrivaled opportunity and scope.”

Thomas Ang continued: “Asia is an important investment destination, is a major source of capital and increasingly occupies a powerful geo-strategic position. As a major Asian asset management firm, we are truly passionate to serve our customers, helping them meet their savings goals and investment goals. Additionally, managing Asian assets for international customers and connecting western financial service companies to our extraordinary network in the Asia Pacific Region are all key elements of the firm’s strategy.”