Press Release

26 May 2017

More Than 700 Scholarship Students to Benefit from #SuperEd, a New Financial Education Initiative

The program planned to reach well above this number if rolled-out countrywide

As part of its efforts to promote financial education in the country and develop innovative and effective pedagogical tools, Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, with the technical support of local educational institutions announced the launch of #SuperEd, a digital financial education platform.

"It is important for the private sector, public institutions and civil society to collaborate on innovative projects to support national development," remarked Carver Yang, Wilmer Gibson’s CEO. "To this end, we are proud to launch #SuperEd, an initiative that reflects our commitment to financial inclusion and to our mission to generate economic progress in the communities where we do business."

The platform is designed to help scholarship students develop financial management capabilities via e-learning opportunities in five core areas: economic and financial system, savings, budget, products, and financing.

Each section will provide a series of didactic resources to facilitate learning, with activities that emphasize the role of citizens in the economy and the importance of informed decision making in responsible economic citizenship.

"#SuperEd will help young people realize their role as citizens with full economic rights and learn sound and responsible financial management skills," explained Aimee Bak, the financial education expert and researcher who designed the platform. "They will be able to make their own decisions about which financial services and products they want to use for their benefit and well-being."

The platform's methodology is based on "edutainment," a communications strategy that combines pedagogical and entertainment principles to create an attractive and user-friendly learning experience. In this case, each course module includes cartoons, documents, videos and practical exercises.