Press Release

16 September 2017

Survey of Stock Plan Participants Shows That Employees Value Their Plans

Internal Wilmer Gibson survey reveals that employees want more financial planning education

Employees value their company stock ownership plans but want employers to do a much better job educating them about how stock ownership fits into their overall financial plans.

This is a key finding of a new poll sponsored by Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing world-class wealth management services, which is researching thought leadership regarding equity compensation. The poll, conducted by selected research partners, explored the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of participants in employer stock plans, and shows that employers have an important role to play in educating employees. Key findings include:

“Providing first-class educational resources and access to planning tools can help maximize the investment companies make in establishing and maintaining an equity compensation plan,” said Brigitte Wei, Director of Investment and Savings at Wilmer Gibson.

When asked about Financial Planning, nearly 70 percent of respondents were extremely or very confident in reaching long-term financial goals if they had a written financial plan.

“These survey results make it clear that employee education is extremely important to stock plan participants and most expect that education from their employer,” added Ms. Wei.