Press Release

09 October 2018

Wilmer Gibson Research Fund Receives Rettman Fund Award


Wilmer Gibson Research Fund proven to be one of the best in producing consistent and superior results relative to its peers

Singapore, 2016 – Wilmer Gibson, a leading financial services firm providing a world-class wealth management services, today announced that Wilmer Gibson Research Fund received the annual Rettman Award as the Best Multi-Cap Growth Fund over. The Rettman Awards honor fund management firms and individual mutual funds that excel in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to their peers.

Gary Gao, head of Rettman Research, said, “Congratulations to Wilmer Gibson. The Rettman Fund Awards are based on a rigorous methodology and thus we are pleased to recognize in full the fund’s achievements.”

The Rettman Fund Awards recognize funds that have excelled in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to peers. In addition, the Rettman Fund Awards recognize fund families with high average scores for all mutual funds within a particular asset class or overall.

Wilmer Gibson Head of Research Mei Quin says Wilmer Gibson’s success in the multi-cap growth category is a result of the firm’s commitment to deep fundamental research, stock selection and seeking to avoid major macro risks.

“I’m proud to lead a talented team of analysts dedicated to generating investment insight through fundamental, bottom-up research,” Mei Quin said. “Our strategy in Wilmer Gibson Research is to use strong research, a focus on stock selection and a sensible approach to risk to generate strong risk-adjusted returns. This award recognizes the strength of our investment team and process.”

Wilmer Gibson Research Fund ranks in the top quartile for the Rettman Funds Category over one, three- and five-year periods as well as since the fund’s inception.